Martial Codex:

Inti Ombak New York is proud to be part of this new technology for sharing martial arts, please go to The first packet on IOPS, knife awareness, is now online!

Online Classes:

Inti Ombak New York has started participation in our silat long distance learning program, contact to ask about online classes in pencak silat and tama yoga.


welcome to Inner Wave Silat New York!

Inti Ombak (Inner Wave) Pencak Silat is a system of indigenous martial arts from the Indonesian Archipelago. It incorporates two major lineages. One lineage is from the sultanate of Mataram in central Java (Jogjakarta) and involves high stances. The other lineage utilizes low, wide stances from the island of Madura. The philosophical and physical mixture of these two ancestors results in wave behavior "In the front as a leader, in the middle as a balancer, in the back as an advocate."
Private or small group classes are available in Suffolk County, Long Island. Contact us at to schedule a free introductory class!