Class Information:

Private classes are available in or around Stony Brook/Port Jefferson area. Online classes can also be scheduled. Contact for more information. If you are a Stony Brook University student or staff member then you may join our weekly classes (contact Martial Arts Association at SBU for more info).

General class structure:
1. Bow/Salute
2. Warm-up using self-defense drill or Tama Yoga
3. Main body of the lesson. Explanation of Inner Wave silat principles, weaponry, techniques, and philosophy.
4. Review and stretch.
The curriculum is introduced using a set of 5 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Inner Wave Silat; blade awareness, moving off-line, and basic self-defense.

Module 2: Blocks. Closing off angles of attack, deflecting an attacker's energy, similar motions against weapons or unarmed. Linear breathing positions to build inner strength and proper postures.

Module 3: Strikes. Armed and unarmed attacks and counter-attacks using modular arrangement of angle and elevation combined with footwork. Sunrise breathing to build energy levels.

Module 4: Applications. Standing grappling drills and techniques to build sweeps, structure, and deliver rapid takedowns. Falls and rolls to perform techniques safely. Dynamic breathing to improve stamina and structure.

Module 5: Joint Manipulation. Integration of the previous lessons and introduction to small and large joint manipulations as well as disarms. Jurus Sakaguru, foundational IOPS form that can be applied to many weapons.