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Inner Wave Pencak Silat (Indonesian: Persatuan Pencak Silat Inti Ombak) is a style developed by my teacher, Guru Daniel Prasetya, which blends Pencak Silat from Madura (a small island neighboring Java to the East) and Central Java.  The name inner wave reflects the duality of these styles high and low, internal and external, physical and mental.


I am an individual with a noble mind and character.

I am a person who honors his fellow man and seeks in silence for friendship and peace.

I am a knight who upholds truth, honesty, and justice; always resilient in facing life’s toughest situations and temptations.

I am a silat player!

Silat Player's Creed


Regular Classes Start Soon at Omni Fitness in Uniondale, NY!




Guru Daniel of Inner Wave Pencak Silat is coming to NYC on Sunday, November 25th from 2-6pm!

Simple Studios NYC

134 W 29th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10001

  • Cost is $100.00 or $75.00 if you preregister by 10/25/18.

  • Current IOPS*, UTAMA members as well as active military or law enforcement personnel receive a $25.00 discount.

Preregister by PayPal to iops.ny@gmail.com

*Inti Ombak Pencak Silat (IOPS) members: those who have a rank certificate in IOPS or are the student of an IOPS member.



To anyone reading this...my thanks and may my comments be helpful to you. I’ve had the great fortune of knowing Guru (Charles) for almost 3 years. I have enjoyed sports for a good part of my life, my favorites being wrestling and football. I’d love to write about my accomplishments in both but this is obviously not about me. Saying that, I can pin someone to the floor but I was unable to defend myself if I ever found myself needing to. Though I have much to learn and a way to go, I’m confident in what I’ve learned. I don’t have an extensive martial arts background so, having researched many arts, I’ve found Silat to be not only my favorite but the most practical in real life situations. Guru Charles, is a fantastic instructor, his patience, honestly makes you feel like a student and not a number having to graduate in a time frame set against a learning curve. Simply you get what you put into it with Sifu guiding your path to get there. My best and my we see you in our classes.



Sign up for regular, private, or online classes today!



This class option offers a new and exciting approach to your martial arts training. Our curriculum integrates internal and external methods of training silat along with weapon techniques from Inner Wave Pencak Silat . Perfect practice makes perfect. Join a class today.

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Our online classes provide some of the benefits of silat training over the internet. Classes are recorded for you to watch later!



Private classes offer intensive one-on-one training with a qualified instructor. These classes offer flexibility in scheduling and in choice of subject material.



I am available to teach workshops or classes on self-defense techniques, weapons, or internal arts (breathing and meditation) at your martial arts school.


Upcoming Events
Indonesian Martial Arts (Pencak Silat)
Sun, May 05
Omni Fitness Center - Gym, Health and We
May 05, 2019, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Omni Fitness Center - Gym, Health and We, 3610, 333, Earle Ovington Blvd, Uniondale, NY 11553, USA
Don't miss the last class of our series introducing Indonesian Martial Arts! I will cover Indonesian Yoga, knife defenses from Pencak Silat, and traditional weaponry (sickle and kerambit).